About us

Hi, I’m Suzie. My love for people led me to become a nurse. Over the years I became specialized in conditions of cognitive decline (Dementia), including progressive Alzheimer’s disease.


Besides health care I enjoy creativity, performing, acting, making people laugh. As I became a professional caretaker I started to sing with seniors to entertain them. My inspiration to heal with personal touch came from summers spent with my grandmother, singing, laughing and going on adventures with her. Garden Party Entertainment is a product of my real-life experiences. I’m very excited to have my life stories evolve into this productive and healing concept.

When I met Jana, I heard her sing and found out she too loves to make human connections and interactions, we decided to entertain seniors together.

Suzie & Jana

Hi, I’m Jana. Music and singing have been part of my life since my early youth. My mother would play the piano and my brother and sister and I would sing in harmony. My father took us to perform for community centers, town events, church occasions, celebrations, and friends. Over the years my bond to the music grew stronger. I learned to play guitar and mandolin and memorized countless songs and hymns. Through a variety of performances and social interactions, I developed a respect for the elderly in our community. I enjoyed the conversations and wisdom that seniors would express. It is very fulfilling for me to utilize my musical and personal skills and implement them through Garden Party Entertainment.