Party anyone?

In our lives, we treasure the moments that elevate us. Looking over our collection one common factor stands out: “the regular, small things”. Yes! It is “the regular, small things” that stimulate us, give us the energy, the vibe, the smile.

Garden Party Entertainment
Logo of Garden Party Entertainment

Our company thrives on the “small things” that are affecting our lives in not so small ways. We seek human engagement, interactions, spontaneity, creativity, and other positive social factors. The very start of this company sprouted from two people connecting through their regular daily routine, having a conversation, exchanging visions and building on experiences. And like all things that are meant to be, when everything comes together and time is right, ideas sprout and grow until they bloom into something real.

Garden Party Entertainment combines our daily human to human interactions with music, comedy, and care to elevate one’s mind and body. Our results are something special, more than just another daily routine. We refine moments into treasured fun and smiles with healthy effects of the Ergotherapy.

Our values lie in people, individuals just like you. Our goal is to turn regular moments into healthy fun. Let’s get this party started!